Stand With the Working People, not the EU!


There are two types of Brexit supporters. First you have the type that everyone knows about, the type that is considered by many to be the only sort of Brexit supporter. The right wing, xenophobic, immigrant hating, supporter of UKIP or EDL or something of the sort. Then you have the other type of Brexit supporter. The type that gets no coverage in the mainstream media, the type that many people don’t even know exists. The left wing, anti imperialist, anti capitalist who sees the EU for what it is: a tool of the Bourgeoisie to push for imperialism and globalization.

It’s very deliberate that you would never hear of this type of Brexiteer or “Lexiteer.” The bourgeois media wants people to believe by supporting remain they are siding against racism and xenophobia and standing in support of immigrants and a united, peaceful Europe. This is not the case at all. The EU is not some kind of progressive, internationalist organisation. It is as stated earlier a neoliberal imperialist Union, a Union that stands for the interests of big banks and big corporations. By supporting the EU, you are supporting regulations that enforce privately owned industry, increased militarization and a Union that denies nations’ sovereignty in order to help spread globalization (and supporting national sovereignty in opposition to globalization is not the same as right wing nationalism, as communists we seek to establish a world without nations however in this case sovereignty is being undermined to protect the interests of a “common market” that is unstopped by the laws and regulations of individual nations and can exploit the working people on a global scale).

The media has made this all about immigration in order to distract people from the issues stated above. Immigration existed before the EU. Britain can take in immigrants and refugees without the EU. After Brexit Britain may well become a fascistic nation that doesn’t, however that is a problem with the British government and far right organisations, not Brexit. Obviously people like Robinson, Farage, and Boris Johnson etc and their supporters must be opposed, and racism must be opposed at all levels. But this has nothing to do with the EU. Some racists may oppose the EU for ridiculous reasons but that doesn’t mean there aren’t also legitimate reasons for opposing it as stated above.

The Bourgeois media have also pushed the notion that opposing the EU means opposing Europe. This is not true at all. A united Europe is definitely something to aspire to, and a border less, nation less world is definitely something to aspire to. However that is not what the EU is. The EU unites only the Europeans ruling class. It is a union of bankers of businessman. It is a unites the people of Europe only in a sense that corporations from any country can exploit not only workers in their country but can also exploit workers anywhere in Europe. It puts the working class of Europe on one big table for the Bourgeoisie to take what they please. It means the Bourgeoisie can also unite in plunder of the third world’s natural resources. To quote V.I. Lenin, “a United States of Europe, under capitalism, is either impossible or reactionary.”

No one is under the belief that Brexit will solve Britain’s problems, not at all. The country will still be ruled by a Bourgeois government who are one step away from turning the fascism to protect their interests. We support overthrowing the Bourgeois state, overthrowing capitalism. Only then will Britain’s problems be solved. But the EU is a tool for the ruling class who we wish to overthrow and therefore must be opposed as part of the more general opposition to capitalism.

One day we can unite not only Europe but the entire world, but this will not be achieved under capitalism. Only under communism can the people of the world unite in a global stateless classless society.



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